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Getting Ready for Mountain Lion now in Kindle bookstore

Published on May 5, 2012 by in Books

Our newest title, “Getting Ready for Mountain Lion: Prepare to pounce on Apple newest OS X release” is now available in the Amazon Kindle Bookstore.

Are you ready for the Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion upgrade? Steve Sande and Erica Sadun created a guide for everyone who wants to get their Mac into shape before Mountain Lion hits this Summer. Learn how to clean up and optimize your system, prepare backups, and strategize about the upgrade so your Mac is clean and primed for the new OS.

In “Getting Ready for Mountain Lion”, Sande and Sadun lay out key strategies for deciding whether to upgrade or not, checking your Mac for readiness, and considering how your applications will be affected.

You’ll discover how to streamline and back up your computer, create an emergency fall-back plan, and prepare for the upgrade itself. The book finishes by exploring things you’ll need to know about after upgrading.

Chock full of useful hints, experienced-backed know-how, and practical advice, this is the book every OS X owner needs before making the jump to Mountain Lion. Short, practical, and focused, it offers a great starting point to prepare for your upgrade.


“From the obvious to the esoteric, a great guide to organizing your preparations, and thinking, for the move to Mountain Lion. Whether you are an expert or a novice, this will help you make the transition in a controlled, logical fashion.” — Chuck Joiner, Producer and Host, The MacVoices Group

“Steve and Erica have managed to take an intimidating chore and turn it into an approachable series of tasks. This book is a handy reference for anyone of any skill level.” — Kelly Guimont, TUAW.com Talkcast host and blogger

“With a great collection of tips and best practices, “Getting Ready for Mountain Lion” is a must-have resource for anyone who’s looking forward to Apple’s major desktop upgrade this summer.” — Federico Viticci, Editor-in-chief, MacStories.net

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